SAMOSACO is a Welsh Producer of samosas, bhajees, gluten free pakoras and gluten free mixes. We are the only purpose built samosa making facility in Wales, based in Pontyclun. All our products are 100% vegetarian and we do not use any artificial preservatives, colouring, flavouring, MSG, or GM products.

When you take a bite into one of our snacks the hearty ingredients we use are Clear for all to see Packed with rich and vibrant colours. Each element has been Thoughtfully included to deliver the perfect blend of spice and texture.

We take our ingredients and gently jumble them together allowing the flavours to fuse harmoniously with one another. Next, we sprinkle in the carefully selected, aromatic Spices, allowing their natural flavour to flow through, ensuring we treat the mix with Care the whole time so you get a filling and fragrant bite to eat. The intricately wrapped Light dough pastry has been created and perfected in our kitchen over decades and This keeps everything sealed together in a crisp but delicate shell. Perfect food as an Appetiser, on the go, or enjoyed with your feet up in front of the telly.