Punjabi Firecracker Pickle

A combination of aubergine, onion, garlic and chilli infused with fragrant whole roasted spices. This is classic Punjabi style pickle – an infusion of green chilli, garlic and ginger. Maybe not as fiery as the Dynamite Hyderabadi this pickle still packs a punch – a knockout accompaniment for any curry, poppadom or paratha.

Perfect as an accompaniment or to spice up any curry. Use it with Extra Mature or Blue Cheese and crackers. Ideal to use as a marinade. Add a couple of tablespoons of the pickle to diced pork or chicken and leave to rest overnight in the fridge.

Traditional North Indian pickle at its best!


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  1. 7-24-2013

    A friend just gave some if this fire fighter pickle.
    It was delicious .
    Where in Cardiff can I buy these pickles from please?

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