Get in a pickle…

Open a jar of a Samosaco pickle, sauce or chutney, and release a breath of spice and fragrance. Award Winning, Authentic and delicious, these pickles are a perfect accompaniment to any meal, snack or salad.

Each of our pickles is made from traditional Indian ingredients and whole roasted spices – a fusion of flavours, texture and taste. Pickling is a four thousand year old Indian tradition, a preserving method practiced and honed throughout the centuries. From Julius Caesar to Cleopatra to Napoleon – pickles have been revered.

Samosaco’s  pickles proudly continue that tradition and heritage – a selection of heat and flavour from Dynamite to Kashmiri and each of them made with true flavours of the various Geographical regions of India. Use the different pickles and sauces to cook some of your favourite dishes such as Chicken Vindaloo curry using Extra Hot Goan pickle, Hyderabadi Fish curry or even a classic Cheese on toast with The Spicy Keralan Pickle and Scrambled Egg with Punjabi Chilli Pickle!

Our biggest challenge is trying to choose a favourite.

We get in a pickle so you don’t have to!