Low Salt Awareness Week

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    SALT. So we all know we should limit our salt intake right? – but how many of us actually check the salt content of  the products we buy? According to The Department of Health it is estimated that by reducing our average salt intake from 8g per day to 6g grams , it could prevent in excess of 8,000 premature deaths from heart attacks and strokes Not only this but The National Institute for Health and Care excellence estimates that through a reduction of just 1g of salt we could save the NHS £1.5 billion in healthcare costs – Doesn’t that sound great?! With 75% of the salt we eat coming from salt added to food by the food industry – us consumers need to be aware of how much salt is in what we are eating. But does this mean cutting out all of the yummy foods we love??   Well have no fear here at samosaco we have you covered with our Vegan and Gluten Free Achari Curry Sauce with only 0.42g of salt per 100g. (That’s way below your recommended limit of 6g per day!) So you can enjoy a quick and delicious Welsh curry without worrying about the salt content! Made by Goldie using our Aubergine pickle with no onion or garlic also making it Low Fodmap Suitable. It’s time for ACTION on salt. So are you in to #EatLessSalt this #SaltAwarenessWeek ?   Our #Vegan & #GlutenFree Achari Curry sauces are available from Mild- Extra Hot at many of our lovely stockists! So go and check them out…   Cardiff Wallies Deli     –    Pugh’s Farm Shop      –   Ceasers Farm shop  Crickhowell Cashell Butchers Swansea  Delicai Deli Cowbridge Elephant & Bun Deli   Not local? No worries order from our online shop & we will deliver straight to your door!...

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